Monday, March 14, 2011

Assalamualaikum. .atok. .o atok. .aCheWah !! hehe. .

mErA Nam hai. .Nur AmyLia Ashikin. .WeLcoMe To My Blog. . .
hehehe. .Well In My Blog juSt AlL AbOut Love. .I LikE LoVe With FaiTh,,
ThaT Why My LovE is JuSt FOr HIm. .BuT ItS All Just FOr A WhiLe In This WorLd My LoVe 1 Is 
Allah SWT,,JusT-Him CaN DO AnYthing WhaT WeRe WanT RighT. .Be CaRefuLL YarH FriENd U ArE WaTcHing. .hehehe. .